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Cleankin Building Cleaning


Complaints Resolving

Protect Your Rights.

Inform us of any negligence or cleaning drawbacks you have noticed within 3 days after the cleaning.  We commit ourselves to repairing all the revealed drawbacks within 48 hours.


Get Your Premises Surveyed.

In addition to Survey & Quote service get your premises inspected by our most experienced surveyor. The survey is conducted regarding damages and dilapidation of the whole construction as well as its certain elements.

This free service is available solely to our long-term contracted clients. If you are still not our client it’s high time to become one.


Get the Dirtiest Surfaces Clean.

In case of extremely dirty surfaces you can always choose the NanoClean Service. This type of intensive cleaning involves special washing chemicals created based on the latest nano technologies. Here we use the washing materials of solely EU production. Quality and safety are the first things to be ensured.


Test Us.

At any time convenient get a small-scale demo cleaning of your object. We want you to see our work before you order full-service.


Get Bonuses.

The cleaning services are given away for free on the UAE national holidays (Eid al-Firt, Eid al-Adha, UAE National Day). For our loyal long-term contracted clients exclusively! Note that the volumes of free services to be provided are agreed beforehand.

Quality Control Inspection (QCI)

Insure the Highest Quality Control.

We are always doing our job immaculately. But with QCI function you get a double quality guarantee. Just when your object is cleaned up and ready to be delivered to you our specialized inspector will conduct the second independent and most thorough audit. No slightest cleaning negligence or drawbacks will be left unfixed. 100% immaculacy guaranteed.


Learn the Exact Price Promptly and in Advance.

Leave your request and within 24 hrs. you will get detailed information on price and terms of cleaning. Within this time we will inspect your object regarding the complexity of cleaning and will provide you with the most exact data.

Unpredictable Weather Coverage "UWEC"

Protect Yourself Against Bad Weather.

Request a free second cleaning in case soon after the first cleaning was performed the result has been spoiled due to bad weather. With UWEC your losses will be partially covered as we are going to do absolutely free extra job to fix the damage.

This free service is available solely to our long-term contracted clients. The volume of free service is limited. It is predefined based on general volumes of services the client ordered before.


Get It Clean Any Time.

With Urgent Clean Service you access unscheduled urgent service 24/7. 

No unexpected visits, meetings or change of weather will ever take you by surprise.