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Cleankin Building Cleaning

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Like with many cleaning companies here you will find a full range of cleaning services. But CLEANKIN has much more to offer:

  • You always receive full washing, not just a clean-up.
  • Due to innovative technologies our workers never lack water supply even when working high.
  • You have minimum inconveniences as no massive equipment is involved.

You get the most high speed and high quality cleaning. This is due to the latest up-to-date technologies some of which are described below:

"Clean&Spotless" Cleaning Technology

Function: Absolutely safe eco-friendly cleaning without chemicals.

Due to 4-step filtration water is significantly softened and purified. This enables the workers to clean any type of surface without washing chemicals at the shortest time and with the highest quality leaving no stains after washing.

This technology is still more efficient if combined with the innovative technology "Clean&Spotless". The latter eliminates the need to sweep water from the surface after washing. This makes it possible to do the job promptly and efficiently.


Function: Any height buildings cleaning with special overhead Cradle Platform equipment in the shortest time possible.

"CLEANKIN’s CRADLE" Platform Cleaning Method involves professional washing system "High&Easy" as well as the innovative technology "Clean&Spotless". This technology is based on the special unique way of cleaning.


Function: Cleaning up to 55 m. high 3-4 m. off buildings surface from the ground. No risk of building surface damaging.

"CLEANKIN’s MANLIFT" Platform Cleaning Method is based on the special washing technique. It also includes both the latest washing system "High&Easy" and innovative technology "Clean&Spotless".

While cleaning the building the workers and equipment are 3-4 m. off the buildings surface. This excludes any possibility of damaging the surface with massive Manlift equipment.


Function: High-quality cleaning of any height buildings as well as the most complex and hard-to-reach constructions with rough surfaces.

This is the only applicable method of very high and complex buildings cleaning and washing. As a rule the overhead Cradle platform cannot be applied on such objects.

"CLEANKIN’s ROPE ACCESS" Cleaning Method can be combined with innovative technology Clean&Spotless.

Why CLEANKIN's Rope AccessTeam ?  All of Our Rope Access Team is certified with IRATA Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 and server years experinace in the same industrial Rope Access.

"High&Easy" System

Function: Cleaning hard-to-reach places without additional massive equipment.

The professional washing system "High&Easy" is developed for quality washing the buildings of complex architecture and shapes including those with rigid and rough surfaces up to 22 m. high.

The system works without additional massive equipment. This insures the safety of the green areas around your premises.

Equipped with modern filtering unit CLEANKIN’s Professional for today "High&Easy" System is considered to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective means of hard-to-reach places cleaning.

"High&Internal" System

Function: Cleaning stained glass up to 20 m. high inside the buildings at the shortest time without additional massive equipment.

If you need the glasses inside to be washed quickly and quietly "High&Internal" is exactly what you need!

This latest technology is extremely popular with such our clients as exhibition centers, banks, hotels, automotive showrooms and other companies which strive to ensure perfect service and eliminate the slightest inconvenience for their clients.

With compact portable equipment the glass area of 1000 sq. m. can be cleaned up by only 2 workers within record-breaking time – 9-hr shift! With standard approach it involves not less than 6 workers which makes the cleaning much noisier and labor-consuming.

"SolarCare" Cleaning Technology

Function: Special High-Quality Solar Panels Cleaning.

To get the best result in solar panel cleaning we have worked out our own special approach. We are removing hardness of water used for cleaning as much as possible. With innovative technology "Clean&Spotless" we can achieve ‘Triple Zero Effect’ i.e. when water hardness level is within the limits 000 to 012 ‘ppm. This level is still better than the one of drinking-quality bottled water.

The level of water hardness is crucial when cleaning solar panels. It is not only that there are no stains after washing, but it is also about energy-conversion efficiency. After-wash stains are significantly decreasing the panel’s ability of solar energy absorbing and therefore its general efficiency.